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Group of Companies "Alla Konyaeva & Partners"

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Unique service on exclusive demand. With modest charm of professionalism. 16 - January - 2019

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 Outstaffing - personnel withdrawal from company's staff.

"Ancor Leasing " Affiliate, operating since 2000, acts as a formal employer for Customer's personnel:

  • takes them in the staff, following all the norms of Ukrainian legislation
  • accounts and pays salaries, makes all necessary tax and social deductions
  • administers business trips, concludes insurance agreements, provides with assets and administers connection services

Typical reasons for Customers` applying for this service:

  • legislative restrictions as for the company's staff number (for foreign Representative Offices, for instance)
  • corporate headcount limits in this country or within certain business volumes in a given country
  • opportunity for the foreign company, starting its activity at Ukrainian market, to postpone the company status legalization. For this it can enroll its employees in theoutstaffing company necessity of releasing HR and Financial Departments from some administrative and financial work
  • importance for the company to minimize risks, inherent for dismissal procedures, ordesire to have a possibility to approve an employee without taking him/her on the staff

Outstaffing program  cost  is defined during negotiation process as directly depends on the quantity of  outstaffed personnel and volume  of procurement service.

About us Services For applicants Site map Press-Center Knowledge for Business Contacts