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Salary and Benefits Survey

Salary and Benefits Survey as consulting service has been provided by "Ancor SW" in Ukraine since 1995.

Since 2008 this project has been handed over to "Alla Konyaeva & Partners".

In yearly investigations participate companies, which conduct business in Ukraine. For them labor market monitoring is natural necessity and basics for estimating budget articles, which define expenditures for personnel.

The Survey, being the final document of investigation: 

 This is a research project yearly attracting about 50-70 companies-participants operating in Ukraine.In yearly investigations

Main Project periods

  • the period of data collection: end of January - beginning of March, as during this time the majority of participating companies can already provide information on salary budgets, policies and compensations, approved for the current year, that makes our Survey data valid till the end of the year.
  • the issue date of the analytical collection is on the 1-st part of April.
  • distribution of ready Salary Survey among the participants lasts from the beginning of April till the end of May
  • Salary survey is ready for sale for the companies-non-participants from the end of May till the end of December

Analytical Survey data is first hand information, the basic instrument for personnel motivating, providing the opportunity to have a transparent salary and benefits policy picture, to make comparative analysis with a company's internal policy, to take correct decisions resulted to retaining personnel of key importance for the business.

Service cost

Participation in the project is free of charge. The ready Survey costs $100 - 150  for the participants, not including the delivery expenses. For those willing to buy the ready Survey without providing their company's information for it - $1500 plus the delivery expenses.

Competitive advantages of our research:

  • guarantee of the complete confidentiality of the received information
  • free participation, low cost of the ready Survey, especially for the participants
  • readiness of presented information for use: it does not take any additional time and efforts to transform it into the convenient for analyzing form
  • handy organization of the tables, therefore it takes minimum of managers` time to fill them in. When inquired by a company-participant, we are ready to provide it with individual consulting assistance in filling the questionnaire in
  • flexibility in changes and innovations: each year the survey is being rationalized according to the market's demand and customers` enquiry, new informational blocks are being introduced
  • the intelligibleness of the Survey for both local and foreign managers: it is bilingual (edited in Russian and English)
  • giving thorough information on various business spheres, which might help to assess the threat of personnel migration to a segment with higher salaries

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