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Group of Companies "Alla Konyaeva & Partners"

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Unique service on exclusive demand. With modest charm of professionalism. 16 - January - 2019

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Executive Search and Management Recruitment

Executive Search Technology

Stages of cooperation with Customer

  • Conducting negotiations and contract signing (minimum 1 day).
  • Agreeing on the Job order and comprising "Letter of understanding" of the open vacancy, territory and optimum methods of candidates search (minimum 1 day).
  • Searching specialists (usual term of search - 3-8 weeks).
  • Selecting specialists by the Consultants of the Agency.
  • Organizing interviews of selected candidates with Customer.
  • Checking recommendations for the finalist.
  • Providing consulting support during guarantee period.

Orders execution is carried out by project teams, consisting of:

  • Director (responsible for agreeing contract terms and making decision on taking an order into execution)
  • Consultant-Partner, Consultant (responsible for order execution)
  • Members of the project team (Researcher, Consulting Department Assistant, Manager of Psychological Service)

Methods of candidates/vacancy competitors search

  • Pre-screening on the basis of agency's database information analyses and use of the database for reaching the required specialists.
  • Direct search - contacting the maximum possible number of specialists, corresponding to the Job order and working in the sphere or industry, agreed with the Customer as the territory of search, primary acquaintance aimed at their general qualification compliance and motivation to change job evaluation
  • Head-hunting - search of a concrete specialist, pointed by the Customer, checking his professional correspondence to the Job order, finding out or forming his motivation for changing job.
  • Using available information in mass-media and internet (searching on purposeful vacancy advertising we execute at Customer's request only)

Methods of specialist's selection

  • Experience and qualification evaluation - we analyze total working experience and educational background of the candidate  to estimate the level of meeting him Client's expectations
  • In-depth structured interview - is obligatory procedure that allows to evaluate management/subordination style, dominant personal qualities, ability to communicate successfully, readiness to work under pressure, ability to solve problem situations, deep  candidate's reasons for work.
  • Competences interview - a kind of an interview that allows discovering individual personal peculiarities in solving working problems, ways of implementing knowledge and skills in professional activity.
  • Testing specific knowledge and skills, psychological testing. The Consultants explore relevant psychological tests, developed by us or provided by the Customer for primary selection.

At Client's request we carry out supplementary study of personal qualities and intellectual abilities.

Services provided on the phase of selection procedures for the Client

  • Presenting a Client three resumes of finalists   of Agency's search and selection. Limited quantity of three finalists for the interview in allows a Customer to avoid distraction from main working responsibilities, use time efficiently and focus on direct business tasks. 
  • Organizing interviews in time, confirmed by the Client. The Consultants offer candidates information, confirmed by the Client, relating Client's company, vacancy, tasks to perform. This gives an opportunity to shorten interview time, not wasting it on additional explanations and details.  At Client's request we offer our office premises for the interview purposes.
  • Preparing candidates for the testing procedures, assessments and other selection procedures. We are competent in fulfilling the task of preparing and preliminary orienting   the Candidate for all steps to be done as an applicant for the position. Such a preparation gives a ground to expect readiness and determination in achieving highest possible results from the Candidate.
  • Reference check on Finalist

Services on the phase of accepting Job Offer by the job competition finalist

  • Consulting both sides during negotiations on compensation package, aimed at forming and sustaining high level of candidate's motivation at job offer accepting.
  • Support of the Candidate at the period of job change. It enables to create additional advantage for the Client in case of available alternative job offers toward the Candidate and it helps the Candidate to neglect the attractiveness of the job offers from the present employer.
  • Consulting Clients on adaptation procedures for the new employees increases the opportunity of successful newcomer's joining the team/company

After receiving the entire fee amount, the Agency takes guarantee obligations; its terms are stated in the Contract.

Amount and terms of the payment for the service

  • Method of defining the fee amount for Executive Search service - we offer a fixed fee as a subject of discussion after preliminary analysis of the position and kinds of services required form our part.
  • Standard fee for the management recruitment is 25% of the annual base salary plus VAT before taxation.
  • We work on 50% prepayment basis for our service. The second installment of the contract sum is to be paid at the moment of Candidates start in the Customer's company.
  • We are ready to discuss other kind of retaining (for instance, three -part installment -30/30/40).

Discount policy

We offer discounts

  • For the "passing employment" (it happens sometimes that candidates, proposed on one vacant position, are so good, that an employer opens additional vacancy and hires two employees instead of one specified before);
  • For the simultaneous placing of several orders at the agency

In our discount policy we are open to all suggestions and, in cases they are mutually beneficial, will turn to them with pleasure.

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