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Group of Companies "Alla Konyaeva & Partners"

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Unique service on exclusive demand. With modest charm of professionalism. 16 - January - 2019
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  Training in Alla Konyaeva School on HRM  

On the 14-15th of December, 2012 we invite you to visit our training on technologies of conducting interview with candidates. You are welcome to register at www.hr-school.com.ua and get more information about what is interview all about, how to avoid unsuccessful recruitment, what is competency, how to exemine experience of candidate to understand wether it is the right one or not.

21 D Yaroslaviv Val Street, off. 1, ground floor,
Kyiv, 01054, Ukraine Entrance through Gonchara street 26
phone/fax: (+38 044) 383 46 00

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The Company’s history


  • receiving the first recruiting order from a foreign company, executed on subcontract basis from Moscow recruiting agency «ANCOR»
  • beginning of non-formal partnership with this company


  • establishment of LTD «Agency «Vacant»
  • first successful experience of recruiting orders independent search, first «permanent Clients»


  • primary awareness of successful search strategy and establishment of long-term relationships with own Clients
  • first hired employee in Vacant company's staff


  • accepting the suggestion of Moscow partners to re-register a Company with changing its name for «Ancor SW» Agency» with the purpose of joint brand popularization
  • developing the re-branding action plan in Ukraine


  • organization of the 3-rd all-Ancor  Convention in Kiev
  • the first publication about Kiev Agency «Ancor SW» in the English-language newspaper «Intelnews» (15.06.1995)
  • first  trainings on recruitment technology from foreign trainers
  • conducting the first research and issuing «Salaries and Benefits Survey»


  • moving to a larger new office and staff increase up to eight employees
  • starting work in the regions of Ukraine, switching to fixed working hours


  • taking the second place on sales volumes among all offices, workings under ANCOR trade mark and developing it on their assigned territories


  • mass media and profile editions

Today we are proud of numerous publications in Ukrainian and foreign newspapers and magazines: «HR Department»,  «Personnel Manager guide», «HR Manager», «Personnel Management», «Business-consultant», «Business-announcement», «Partner» «Companion», «Trading expert», «Personnel», «Power of money», «Owner», «Professional», «Correspondent», «Business», «Office», «Business magazine», «Recruitment», «Practical marketing», «The Ukrainian Observer»,  «Intelnews», «The Economist» and other


  • receiving copyrights on «Recruitment: technology, process, result» technology (VP No354)
  • first large organizational consulting project


  • working out the Company's development strategy for five years, mission awareness, choosing differentiation strategy and highly individualized service as the development basis
  • organization of the first recruitment agencies meeting in Kiev for conducting business games on Customers co-operation technology; publishing results
  • publishing «Salary and Benefits Survey» review in the foreign edition «The Economist»
  • corporate site creation
  • «Ancor-Leasing» affiliate company registration and launching outstaffing service to the market
  • organization of the 6-th all-Ancor  Convention in Kiev


  • taking the first place on five qualitative indexes in Ukrainian recruiting agencies services quality evaluation rating, conducted by COMILFO-HR Company
  • Receiving the rank of «The most popular author of year» from «HR Department» magazine by Alla Konyaeva, one of the Company's founders


  • stopping the voluntary informal partnership with Russian network ANCOR
  • receiving the certificate of «Ancor SW» trademark registration


  • preparation and conducting the constituent conference of «Ukrainian Recruiting Association»
  • receiving the certificate of copyrights registration for the methodology of rating investigation «Recruiting agency services quality estimation»


  • the 1-st place according to the independent rating "Ukrainian recruiting agencies services quality evaluation" results
  • analytical publications about Ukrainian recruiting conditions and prospects, first articles about the HR-Managers' problems in co-operating with internal clients


  • joining the Association of Personnel Selection Consultants (APSC, Russia)
  • receiving national business-rating winner diploma with conferring the «Branch Leader» rank
  • introducing institute of partnership is the Company


  • first open trainings for recruiters and HR Managers on recruitment technology in Kiev and Moscow
  • re-branding as Executive Search Company
  • moving to the new office, creation of a new Corporate style


  • first place in the rating "Top-10 recruiting companies”, published in " Business " magazine (June, 2007.)
  • Opening of the press center and media meetings in the frame of the club "Personnel Territory”.
  • Opening of the consulting company "Alla Konyaeva and Partners”.


  • Opening "Alla Konyaeva’s school in personnel management" and
  • a company that provides outsourcing services of the involved managers / consultants – "AA&D Interim".
  • Created a Group of companies with a full range of services in the field of human resources management under the brand "Alla Konyaeva and Partners”. 

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