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Outplacement Services

Outplacement is dismissed personnel consulting accompaniment and support service.

Agency ANCOR SW has been offering  outplacement service in Ukraine since 1999.

For Customers this is:

  • possibility to apply a sparing method of personnel dismissing owing to observation of ethical standards in relationship with personnel, granting help for dismissed in finding a new job
  • prevention of dramatic labor productivity decrease of personnel remained
  • retaining company's positive image as of a socially responsible employer

Benefits of using our outplacement program:

  • Strengthening positions of person dismissed by combining his/hers professional reputation to that of the Agency, having many years` experience of working at the labor market
  • Availability of necessary informational database and efficient job searching technologies
  • Highly qualified personnel, always ready to provide any kind of consultations on the program participants' demand
  • If the Customer would like to retain an opportunity to enlist periodically the services of personnel dismissed, he might use the outstaffing service of "Ancor Leasing" Affiliate

Outplacement program services contents

The consulting stage includes:

  • pre-project preparation of the program and its presentation to the personnel to be dismissed
  • training and seminars for the personnel to be dismissed
  • individual interviews of an employee with a Consultant and the Manager of Psychological Service of the Agency
  • providing the Customer with the report on work executed

The stage of assisting in searching for vacancies includes:

  • assistance to a dismissed employee in comprising marketing plan of searching for attractive vacancies
  • informing on the results of market investigation
  • presenting employees on outplacement program to potential employers by Consultants of the Agency
  • preparing for the interview, consulting and psychological support at all stages of placing on a job
  • providing report on the work executed to the Customer

Financial conditions of outplacement program

The cost of the programme is fixed per every employee  Payment is delivered in two stages:

1) consulting stage is paid before the beginning of service rendering,

2) assisting in searching for vacancies stage is paid after service rendering.

Standard duration of the program is 12 weeks.

Duration of the first stage is 2-4 weeks.

Duration of the second stage is 6-8 weeks.

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