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I often think over a question, what I would do, being a 28-40 years old person who got two educations at least: domestic classic one, and a foreign education in the field of management; who accumulated large experience in area of strategic management in the prosperous known companies; and who is now in search of a new work. During interviews with such people I sound out an answer which occurs to me as fully productive: I would start the own business. After this between me and such candidate a game which Erik Bern named «Yes certainly, but...» begins as a rule. Objections of managers do not differ much and could be easily classified. Let us analyze each objection. It might possibly help somebody to overcome all fears and leave for a difficult, but fascinating journey under a flag the «own business».  
What for and who usually buys recruiting service in Ukraine? Isn't attracting the agencies a certificate of uncertainty in own forces? Recently the professionalism and qualification of HR specialists of companies has grown so that they can cope with the personnel selection for various positions, doing it on-the-fly and showing high quality. At least, every fifth of my colleagues considers so. Why insert an intermediate between HR Department and applicants for a vacant position, why waste time and, however, get people not corresponding to the company's corporate style?  
After "recruitment" concept appearance in Ukrainian business vocabulary 12 years have passed, and it's already possible to state that maturity time for recruiting service has come. The certificate of it is initiative of Ukrainian Recruiting Association for conducting a multidimensional rating of organizations, providing services in the field of personnel search and selection in Kiev. The results getting is ahead, as far as the research conducted by Research Service Company is not completed yet. But information about the peculiarities of recruiting service perception by its users has been already got, it has its independent value, therefore we want to render it to the readers.  
Reading materials reflecting the state of Russian labor market, prepared by Zoya Kozlova  («Pharmacy», #19 (390) from May, 19, 2003), a I noticed a comment that Ukrainian market in its development follows the north neighbour - Russia, unhastily reproducing the processes and tendencies stormily experienced there. In my opinion, it is related not to absence of qualified and experienced specialists, absence of desire to progressively think and use the best world experience and work hard, but to a national feature of converting any crisis or critical moment of social history into the protracted process.     
A public organization with optimistic abbreviation URA is the Ukrainian Recruiters Association. It was founded in June, 26, 2003. The founders of this voluntary association are «Ancor SW Agency», «Grand Personnel», «Intellect - Pratsya - Service», «IT Personnel», «Management Consulting», «Personnel», «Staff Standard». During the Constituent Assembly participants defined aims and tasks of public association, mechanisms of new members reception and walkout, distributed duties for the decision of urgent practical questions.  
Three years ago, first in July, and then in October, 2000, two business games initiated by Ancor SW Agency took place. The participants were "Personnel", "Management Consulting", "Dopomoga", "Commonwealth Resources", "Agency  of Business Psychology", "Staff Standard", "Intellect - Pratsya - Service» agencies. Then the recruitment agencies leaders wanted to discuss two topics: «Who is a client of a recruitment agency, and, vice versa, who is an anticlient?», and «Which are we, recruitmeent agencies, what do we have in common, and which are the differences in our technologies?"These games helped to formulate important traits of modern recruitment business, which were stated by all participants. Three of these characteristics are directly related towards the topic of this article.  
In the conditions of human resources deficit, when highly professional specialists are obviously insufficient to satisfy the growing demands of business, companies are more frequently forced to hire young inexperienced graduates and to «grow» professionalism within organizations, to teach new comers the things they did not have time to learn at the institute.  
A successful work of any organization is to large extent a consequence of successful management. And managers are, at the first place, people with incident to them personal qualities, some habitual style of intercourse, features of cognitive structure. If to talk about the latest, it functions according to its own psychical laws, and can present such surprises, as unrealized errors of perception. It is possible to decrease the distorting influence of these errors through training the skills of their origin fixing, taking into account their distorting constituent, which, as a result, will allow to form more adequate picture of reality.  


Negotiations between an employer and a recruiter about placing the order for personnel selection often deadlock, as soon as the agency consultant begins to set questions about corporate culture, traditions of credentials distributing, and psychological climate in the Customer's organization. An employer just doesn't understand the desire of strangers (recruiters in this case) to penetrate in such intimate things, as collective conceptions of organization, its group values and deep-rooted stereotypes of co-operation.              


Today we observe an explosive growth of amount of books, written to increase the professionalism of HR Departments. It is a response on the obvious requirement of business for capable teams, ensuring survival in the conditions of hard competition. Naturally, I read these books paying special attention to recommendations on personnel search and selection optimizations. To my large regret, the analysis of this literature shows that the use of agencies resource during the search and selection is rarely mentioned, and sometimes even in a very debatable context.

See chapter "Articles" in the Russian version of the site

There are certain methods to achieve the balance between personnel motivation and employer's expenses. HR professionals call them "compensation package". Here all those measures compensating the personnel expenses of forces and time on Added Value creation are meant.  
It is very important, taking an order, to have a clear picture of the state of search. It is necessary to have this information in order not to supply the company with candidates which were presented by other agencies or had already sent their CVs independently, that will allow to save time of customers and that of your own.  
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