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Dear readers!

In this section of corporate site we place reviews of must have books for managers, professionals in different businesses, HRDs, HRMs and others who are interested in oneselves development and gaining competetive advantages, as high qualaty specialist in managing organasations, teams, people.  

Also some materials out of Alla Konyaeva's publications on Executive Search in Ukraine, personnel selection techniques in Kyivan and Ukrainian companies, motivation and evaluation of staff, outstaffing and outplacement procedures and interim-management will be here as well.

Outstaffing, temporary staffing, staff leasing are the outsourced services segment having got more connoisseurs among Top Managers and HR Specialists lately. The consumers have passed through the familiarization period and the cases of mixing the services essence or their usage sphere understanding has practically disappeared. Applying for staff leasing or temporary staff the present-day Customer knows for sure that his need is in occasional or once-only employees attracting for a relatively insignificant work, and asking for outstaffing he expects to satisfy his need in personnel withdrawal. Accordingly to demand growth and differentiation enlarges the number of companies taking supplementary functions in personnel management, and their services become more accurately defined and improved. The providers variety is interpreted by Customers as a wide possibilities range, which is to be skillfully and optimally used, converting the service usage into one more competitive advantage of the company.  
It looks like the increasing professionals deficit, which was the common talk of recruiters for the last three years, begins to be assimilated by Ukrainian management in all seriousness of consequences for business prosperity.  
Ancor SW Agency has completed the regular annual (the 13th one) «Salary and Benefits Survey». We want to utter our thanks to those, who took part in the project, providing representativeness of results: companies` Executives (24% of respondents), Personnel Departments Managers and employees (39%), Financial Departments Leaders (22%), line Managers and Top Managers (16% of respondents). The research was initiated on January 20, 2006, the data collecting was completed on March, 1, 2006. Thus, the Survey represents the information on salaries and compensations which companies guarantee during the current year.  
At any HR Managers meeting, at any professional forum, visited by the representatives of HR industry, it is possible to evoke the «complex of revival» among participants by magic combination of words: «competences interview». It is said and written much about the competences interview. Often - in a complex manner, rarely - in a technological one, hardly ever - in an utterly clear way. The article, offered to your attention, is the author's contribution to the money-box with a tag «simply about the difficult». It is no way the technology simplification, rather an attempt to describe the reality of personnel selection procedures through comics' language. On reading the article, stuff managers would be able to make judgements on the results of this attempt, the best of which, to the author's opinion, would be the use of the described tools in practical work with the candidates.    
The article's author demonstrates "a recruiter's vision" of candidates training for selection procedures while hiring, formed on the basis of personal 13-years-old practice. According to this vision, a wide-spread idea about the utility of teaching candidates to manipulate their image at introductory interviews is unproductive.  
Outsourcing, outstaffing, personnel leasing - these services more frequently become a subject matter in the circle of Top Managers and HR Departments members; a greater number of providers declare their willingness to provide such services at Ukrainian labor market.  
Passing through errors, discoverings, disappointments and ascents, we become professionals. We insensibly accumulate life wisdom. And skills. And one cannot already help sharing that accumulated. It is more important by now not to do oneself, but to teach young people. We are all very talented. It is just not always that we let ourselves expose. Not everyone has enough courage to expose their insights, thoughts and experience to the judgements of others. The novel is about life. It is serious  
This article is an attempt to analyze the parameters of compensation package as a main instrument of personnel motivation from a recruitment company psychologist's viewpoint. Behind the numbers we tried to consider two cuts of reality: salary changes dynamics at the professionals market, and influence of different compensation package constituents' psychological effects on personnel motivation.           
Alla Konyaeva, recently the Psychological Service Manager at the first Ukrainian recruitment agency «Ancor SW" and one of our magazine's  best authors, and presently - the Director of "Ancor Leasing" company, returned from Moscow at the end of March, where she took part in the Second Russian conference "Recruitment in Russia. Strategies of growth". Alla kindly agreed to tell us about what she had heard and seen at the forum.      
A moment of a new employee hiring is presenting to the client the results of an agency team efforts. However, these results creation processes remain out of area of observation. Hence, the mechanism of the second false stereotype forming becomes clear: "Recruitment firm is a small organization with simple processes, requiring insignificant investments in technology". Such stereotype is unfair, and it becomes clear during realization of strategic choice of a recruitment company, which determines the services design and influences all business processes.  
Internal clients (decision-makers, if to be more precise) are the first instance, where a requirement for a certain employee is formed. HR Mmanager is to identify this need, and to formulate it then in the Job Order, creating the nonconflicting portrait of a future candidate for vacant position. The fuller and more exact the request, the higher are the chances for a successful search. But quite rarely it is realized by both internal clients and some HR Managers and recruiters. Therefore, instead of executing the order with improperly formulated requirements, wasting time and resources, it is necessary to find ways and methods of personnel search efficiency increasing. That is, before an HR Manager goes to the external provider, he must get a clear order from the internal client.  
Let us simulate, and then try to realize and accept system of viewpoints, norms and values of an internal client. What for? In order to form a constructive approach and positive attitude towards him. This, in its turn, will come in handy in situations, when it is necessary to reduce negative emotions.         
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